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2020 Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for The Plant Lovers and Plant Obsessed!

There are so many gift options when it comes to plant lovers and green thumbs. From practical tool sets to books and everything in between, the options are endless for the plant obsessed person in your life.

Buying gifts is hard, but I'm about to make it easier for you. Everything on this list is something I would LOVE to have as a "totally obsessed with plants and has allowed them to completely take over their life" person (tehe).

Alright enough talk let's do this thing!

1. Watering Can

We love a cute watering can that not only works, but also looks good on display!

Check out this adorable copper watering can from Amazon!

The long spout is perfect for slowly watering your plants and it also holds a fair amount of water.

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2. Plant Subscription

Plants delivered to your home every month? Where do I sign up?

This brand has a bunch of different types of boxes you can choose from at a pretty low price!

From pet-friendly to succulent boxes, The House Plant Box has got you covered.

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3. Flourish and Charm Planter Accessories

I cannot get over how cute these planter accessories are! Take any plant pot and spruce it up with some charms!

These charms are all handmade and used to add some personality to your houseplants!

Nicole Sarnese, owner of flourish and charm, is a fellow plant lover who combined her love of jewerly making and houseplants.

There are a bunch of different charms to choose from that fit your style. This gemstone charm is her newest addition and let's be honest guys...it's amazing!

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4. 'Wild At Home' Book

I own this book and I reference it all the time for styling and care tips.

This book will make any plant lover want to go out and buy more plants.

The way these houseplants are styled makes me swoon. I thought I had a big plant collection...just wait until you see the collection in this book. I was mesmorized and absolutely blown away. This book inspired me a lot.

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5. Terrarium

You truly can't go wrong with a terrarium. They are so popular right now. I would recommend getting an empty container and letting your plant lover outfit it themselves!

Check out this adorable little greenhouse terrarium! This is an empty terrarium that's available on Etsy. You can find a bunch of different options on Amazon, Etsy, or even at your local thrift store.

If you wanted to outfit the terrarium as an added bonus just stay away from succulents. Ferns and Fittonia's will be your saving grace ;)

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6. Glass Bottle Spritzer

Every Plant Parent has a little mister or spritzer! Why not gift that plant lover in your life an attractive one.

This spray bottle is glass and comes in a bunch of different styles and colors!

Don't get me wrong my reused windex spray bottles work just fine, but there is something special about a pretty mister. These are the kind of spritzers you want to leave out on display for all to see!

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7. Wicker Plant Chairs

I don't care what anyone says these are so cool. Wicker has been making a comeback recently and these little "plant" chairs have been all the rave.

Anyone can have a metal plant stand and don't get me wrong those are great, but a wicker plant throne??? Come on it's my cottagecore dream!

If you are lucky enough to have come across one of these in a thrift store I am so jelly of you. Luckily though we have Etsy to help us out!

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8. Moisture Meter

Moisture meters take out the guestwork of whether to water your plants or not! They are incredible!

These are perfect for those finicky, humidity loving houseplants.

This is just another tool in a plant lovers back pocket! No more finger test because this bad boy will do it for them.

It's genius really.

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9. Plant Jewerly

You can't go wrong with a little monstera leaf necklace!!

This style is so cute to me and it's a handmade item! Not only will you be supporting your plant lovers obsession, but you will also be supporting an artist!

There are plenty of different options to choose from, but I personally liked how dainty this necklace is.

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10. Floating Propagation Station

I love a propagation station! These vases are cool because they look like they're floating!

These wall vases can be used to propagate a bunch of different cuttings! Plus the set up is modern and will stay out of your way.

If you wanted you could get like 20 of these things and fill up an entire wall and have a faux living wall situation.

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I hope this list helps you get something good for the plant lover in your life! And remember if you don't like anything on this list you can always just get them a plant. I promise they will love it.

Happy Planting!


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