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5 Easy and Interesting Houseplants For Beginners

There are countless beginner houseplant lists all over the internet. This specific list is going to try to introduce you to some plants you might not have thought about. Today we are talking about different plants that are interesting and easy to take care of for my beginner plant parents. If you find a plant on this list that fits your "vibe" then I will be a happy lil camper!

Remember plants don't have to be difficult. I have always preached this. The plant world can seem daunting, but you have to start somewhere. One of these plants could be your beginning!

So let's get into some of my favorite beginner houseplants that are a bit different than a snake plant or ZZ plant (although they are awesome - I think we need some more interesting options)!

Bird's Nest Fern

Photo by Severin Candrian on Unsplash

The bird's nest fern AKA Asplenium nidus gets its name for its crinkly, bird's nest-like leaves. You might be thinking "Why is a fern on this list" that is because this is probably one of the easier ferns to take care of and it's also cool to look at. They like medium to low light and can tolerate soil that dries out from time to time. So if you are going for a jungle vibe, this is a plant for you!

Burro's Tail

Burro's Tail (Sedum morganianum) is not technically a cactus, but more so a succulent. I know succulents are not the easiest plants for beginners, but this plant is heat and drought tolerant. So if you are in a warm or temperate region, this plant will make an interesting and beautiful addition to your home.

Hot Tip: These plants are perfect for a hanging basket or used as a unique ground cover.

Rubber Plant

Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

Rubber Plant also known as Ficus elastica is perfect for someone looking for a small tree living in their home. They are fairly easy to care for and offer an attractive jungle vibe that everyone is going for these days.

They can survive in low light and just need to be watered when the soil is dry (like most plants). The worst a new Gardner can do, which are common mistakes, are overwater, move the acclimated plant around a lot, or move them to a colder spot.

Cebu Blue Pothos

Photo by plant_mo

Cebu Blue Pothos (Epipremnum Pinnatum) has shiny, silvery-blue leaves that give off a beautiful sparkle in the right lighting conditions. This is a great choice if you were looking for a different kind of pothos. This plant's maintenance requirements are minimal and it can be acclimated to basically any living condition. They are perfect for trailing or climbing and will brighten up any corner in your home!

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Heart Leaf Philodendron AKA Philodendron hederaceum is a lovely addition to any home. They are so easy to propagate and can survive in basically any light you give them. They are wonderful climbers and trailers. If you let them they can take over your walls and home with their beautiful vines and heart shapes leaves (I love that).

These plants are super easy to care for as they will let you know when they need to be watered. Plus if you can only give them low light, they will survive. They might not grow as fast, but baby it will still do its thing. I personally think everyone should have some form of philodendron in their collection...at least at some point!

Let's make our plant lives easier with low maintence houseplants that also catch peoples eyes! Together we will add interesting and easy houseplants to our collections!

If you happen to have other wonderful plant suggestions that are easy and interesting, send me a message at plantsavvyco@gmail.com! I would love to talk!

As always happy planting!


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