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How To Make An Easy Moss Pole For Your Indoor Climbing Plants

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Learn how to create a moss pole that promotes healthy growth and beautiful aesthetics for your indoor climbing plants.

Whether you have a Pothos or a Monstera deliciosa, a moss pole is a great way to stimulate a climbing plant's natural habitat! Climbing plants are aerophytes, meaning they grow on other plants for physical support. Some people opt for a trellis, wall, or even indoor trees, but I think moss poles are the next best thing to a mossy tree in the jungle. Plus you get the satisfaction of making it yourself.

So what is a moss pole?

In their natural habitat, climbing plants use their aerial roots to attach to trees to climb upwards. A moss pole is simply a pole or PVC pipe wrapped in moss that mimics that natural habitat. The moss on the poles traps moisture acting as the perfect material for these aerophytes (or climbing plants) to attach too. Meaning you can create a happy and healthy habitat for your plants indoors.

Now let's get to it!

What You Will Need:

  • Sphagnum Moss - I got some at my local nursery, but you can it buy online here

  • Large Wooden Dowel, Bamboo Stake, or even PVC Pipe - I bought a dowel at Lowes for $2

  • Twine, String, fishing line, or really anything else you have that can be used to secure the moss. I used some hemp twine I had lying around.

  • Bucket of Water

  • Scissors

Step One: Soak The Moss

You will want to soak the moss for 10-15 minutes. This mimics that mossy tree feel these climbing plants love.

Step Two: Prepare The Pole

Take your string or twine and tie a knot at the top of the pole. This will make sure the string doesn't move during the process. Then take your soaked moss and wring out the excess water. Place the moss around the pole and working your way down start wrapping the string around the moss. Make sure you wrap enough so the moss doesn't fall off or move. I found it was easier to do this when the pole wasn't in the pot. Continue to do this until the pole is covered just to where it hits the top of the soil.

Step Three: Stake That Moss Pole and Attach Your Plant

Now it's time to get the moss pole in the pot! If you have already potted your plant, you will want to carefully dig a hole big enough to fit the pole and make sure stands up. Then put your pole in and fill in the excess space with some more soil. Try not to hurt the root system when you do this.

If you have not potted your plant yet, simply put your pole in the middle of the pot and fill up the pot 1/4 - 1/2 way full with potting soil. Then pot your plant around the pole.

Then attach your plant to the pole with twine or string, making sure the aerial root is touching the moss. The aerial root is where the plant will attach itself for support.

Congrats you have successfully created a moss pole for your climbing plants!


- Gradually train your plant to climb - You don't want to force or hurt the plant, so be patient and let the plant do its thing (I mean climbing is what it does so it won't be too hard).

- Moisten your moss pole - Be sure to moisten the moss on the pole every once and a while. It's okay if it dries out between waterings, but you want to ensure it stays fairly moist.

Creating a moss pole is very cheap and easy, but provides satisfaction unlike anything other. You get to create an aesthetically pleasing and plant friendly apparatus that your climbing plant will thank you for!

As always happy planting,


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