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3 Houseplant Styling Tips For Any Space!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Want to know how to style your plants and make the care of your plants easier for you? Discover these three simple tips and tricks on how to make plant life simpler and trendier!

Styling your plants is not only important for ensuring they are getting the conditions they need to survive. It is also great for ensuring your plants work for you in your home and space.

Grouping Your Plants

One of the greatest tips I have to offer is grouping your plants that have the same care needs. For example, putting together a humidity loving plant like the nerve plant with a drought-resistant plant like the prickly pear cactus is not grouping. They have very different care needs.

When you group your plants together you not only are making your watering days much easier. You also are creating lovely plant arrays and displays without even really trying. Grouping a bunch of cacti and succulents together creates a trendy desert vibe.

Fun Tip: Keep an expressive plant within these groupings that tell you when you should water. Expressive plants are those that droop or wilt when they need to be watered. Then pop right back to normal after receiving the sweet H2O nectar. When grouped together with plants that have similar plant needs, these expressive plants will let you know when the whole group needs a good watering!

Thrifted and Unconventional Pots and Planters

Ammie Williams Rainbow "Planter"

Some of my favorite pots and planters are those that have been thrifted from goodwill and yard sales! I also enjoy taking unconventional items and turning them into planters. For example this Ammie Williams rainbow mug I ordered accidentally broke in shipment (she sent me a new one like the doll she is). The handle broke, but instead of throwing it out I took a plastic pot with drainage holes and lined the mug with it. Now it's a rainbow planter!

Mixing together different shapes, sizes, and colors makes your plant collection look more interesting and inviting. Don't get me wrong I love a monochromatic look, but all white planters everywhere is not what I'm going for. But remember this is your plant jungle not mine!

Terra Cotta planters are also an all-time favorite of mine. They always mix perfectly with each other in different shapes and sizes. These planters are cheap and can be found at almost every plant or garden store. Plus Terracotta has a special skill...you can see exactly where the water level is. This makes it easier to see when you need to water again.

I personally love to collect pots and planters anytime I see them so when I get a new plant I already have a new and trendy home for it.

Creating Layers

Terra Cotta planters together

Using your space to create layers within your grouping of plants is one of the easiest ways to bring in that uniqueness and urban jungle feel.

I took a dance class in college and my professor told me that the best dances are ones that use different levels throughout the dance: high, medium, and low. I find this to be the same when I am layering my plants. The key here is to spread out your plant babies to fully utilize your space.

Create that unique look by using old books, wooden boards, and even upside-down terra cotta planters as platforms for your plants. Use your ceilings to hang a pothos or spider plant and watch the leaves gradually grow and trickle down. Don't be afraid to take a bigger plant that's usually placed on the floor and raise it up with a plant stand. This creates a beautiful dynamic look that will wow guests when they walk in the room.

Another easy way to create levels is by using different sized pots! Break that monotoned look with planters that come in different sizes and colors that work together. They don't have to match unless you want them too. It's your plant collection. Display them how you want.

There's nothing better than breaking the "plant styling rules"! Want a more dynamic vibe? Go mess around with your current collection and see what you come up with! I get the same feeling I did as a kid when I would rearrange my room.

Remember it's your plant journey so style it how you want.

Happy Planting,


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