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Plant Styling Tips To Bring Your Space To Life!

Everyone needs some life in their home or office so why not add some house plants! Take your space to the next level with these plant styling tips.

House plants are not only amazing for your health, but they also offer a special touch to any space. Bring that drab corner or side table to life with some greenery. Here are some of my favorite plant styling tips!

1. Create a Focal Point

Most designers will say the same thing: you need a main focal point that will bring everything together. Use grouping methods to utilize this tip. Pair a large plant with one or two smaller plants. Mix together different planters and pots that all follow the same color scheme. Try different heights and textures on plants to bring it all together.

2. Create Layers

Terra Cotta planters together

I took a dance class in college and my professor told me that the best dances are ones that use different levels: high, medium, and low. I find this to be the same when I am layering my plants. The key here is to spread out your plant babies to fully utilize your space.

Create that unique look by using old books and wooden boards as platforms for your plants.

Another easy way to create levels is by using different-sized pots! Break that monotoned look with planters that come in different sizes and colors that work together. They don't have to match unless you want them too. It's your plant collection. Display them how you want.

3. Use Your Ceiling

Hang plants from your ceiling or window sills. This also helps to create layers within your plant jungle. Sometimes you run out of space on your floors...so move upwards;)! This also gives you an opportunity to use a macrame hanger or hanging planter that fits your style!

4. Use Your Walls

This has been my thing for the past couple of months. I found these plant clips and have been using them to drape my climbing plants all over my walls. They LOVE it and I am reaping the rewards (bigger leaves *insert heart-eyed emoji here*). If you are looking for that effortless jungle vibe then I highly suggest this technique. Plus this is huge a conversation starter when you have guests.

5. Get Unconventional

Use your vining or climbing plants to take something from drab to fab. Like this mirror I got off of Facebook Marketplace. It is a beautiful mirror, but when I draped this heart leaf philodendron around the ornate sides it made it even more so.

Take the more conventional pieces in your space like bookshelves, paintings, artwork, shelving units, or bathroom mirrors and bring them to life!

6. Get Creative With A Terrarium

I recently just got into terrariums and LET ME TELL YA...I'm obsessed. They are so easy to care for and I love miniature things so win-win right? These little mini plant worlds are perfect for a coffee table centerpiece, spicing up a side table, or even your office desk!

I made myself a lamp terrarium with a fillable lamp I got from target. Click here for a video on how I made it!

7. Mess Around with Air Plants

Air plants are a perfect way to add in a little special thing. It's all in the details for me and air plants really bring it home. Take a crystal, dish, shell, or really anything that can hold your plant and showcase it.

I use them as fillers in my home decor. Again I really love all the little details - Some might say I have "too much stuff", but that's my style so back off ;)! You can also hang them up in your window for a fancy little display!

9. Create Height with Plant Stands

Plant stands are essential for creating layers and getting plants off the floor. That being said you don't have to go out and buy a $100 plant stand. You can thrift them or even get unconventional (Let's count how many times that word is used in this blog lol).

I like to use old books that I thrifted to add height as seen above. I also use an old cake stand to add height. The glass top broke, so I upcycled it! I've also seen people use upside-down terra cotta planters to create a unique and boho vibe.

If you aren't a plant stand kind of person then try getting planters that have legs that add height by themselves.

10. Use Propagations To Add Light to Dark Places

Propagations are the perfect way to add a green centerpiece to the kitchen, office, coffee table, or nightstand! Take a cutting from your monstera deliciosa or fiddle leaf fig and display it in a beautiful glass container. You can even use a "propagation station" as home decor. Not only is it so cool to see the roots growing, but you can add some greenery in places you usually wouldn't.

If you wanted to you could do this in bathrooms that don't get much light. This would probably end up killing the cutting, BUT you would still get some good use out of it and be able to add greenery to a place you otherwise couldn't.

At the end of the day, if you put a bunch of plants together in a group, they will speak for themselves. Not everything has to look "pinteresty" or "#junglevibes". Hell, I've got a bunch of plants still in their nursery pots. Why? Because I can. If your plants make YOU happy then you are doing the damn thing! Keep doing it!

It's your plant journey so style it how you want.

Happy Planting,


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