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Small Businesses To Support: Houseplant Edition

Let's talk about some of my favorite plant related small businesses. Now more than ever it's important to shop small so let's get into it!

I have personally been making more of an effort to support small businesses. They work extremely hard and most of the time it's a one man/woman/person operation! Most small businesses start from a passion project so why wouldn't you want to support someone else's passion.

So without further ado here are some of my favorite small businesses that are related to plants!

1. The Blue Eyed Botanist

The Blue Eyed Botanist is a plant shop run by Delany Rimer, a student at Bowling Green State University with a passion for plants, reading, and mental health advocacy.

Her shop is full of houseplants, stickers, canvas totes, and more! She also has a wonderful blog where she talks about plants, books, social issues, and everything in between.

Go check her Instagram and website out!

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2. Flourish and Charm

I have talked about Flourish and Charm in my Gift Guide because well...I am absolutely obsessed. Flourish and Charm is a Philadelphia-based business started by Nicole Sarnese, a jewelry designer by day and a business owner by night.

Nicole offers plant charms that take your pots from drab to fab in seconds. She also just released a jewelry line that I think is too die for. Check her out below!

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3. Green Philosophy Co

Green Philosophy Co is a woman-owned, California-based small business that started out of an apartment. They offer plant-inspired decorative home decor.

Green Philosophy Co believes that nature-inspired decor can help improve people’s quality of life by boosting their moods and productivity. Plus they give back: with every purchase they plant trees!

Click the link below to purchase your plant pillows! Plus get 5% off when you use my code: PLANTSAVVY5

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4. The New Plant Co

The New Plant Co is a plant shop that sells through Etsy! I actually bought my Micans through them and they showed up in the best packaging I have ever seen and within 3 days. I was amazed at how fast I got my plant.

They specialize in affordable yet hard to find plants. Which personally I think is the best combo! They have a lot of amazing plants right now and a lot of them I have never been able to find in my local plant shops.

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5. Kristen Junne | Monstera Socks

You have to check out Kristen Junne! She is an Etsy seller that specializes in scrunchies, socks, and more! She also uses repurposed fabric, which we stan her for!

My partner actually got me these monstera socks and I am absolutely obsessed. She also has cactus, sunflower, and butterfly socks that I also want...no NEED!! Go check out her Etsy shop below and follow her on Instagram too for shop updates!

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6. Modernly Planted

Modernly Planted Is a plant decor shop based out of San Antonio, TX. They offer modern pots, plant stands, and plant accessories.

The store was founded by Fancy Plants Chic and has a lot of amazing options to choose from as well as inspiration on their Instagram. I mean there are a lot of plant goals happening on that site right now!

Check out all the amazing product Modernly Planted has to offer!

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7. Joy Of Plants Shop

Joy of Plants Shop is an Etsy seller that I actually met through TikTok. She started her plant shop in 2020 and has absolutely flourished while also providing plant people with informative tips and tricks!

With over 7,000 sales from her shop and raving reviews you just know it's something special.

Check out her Instagram and maybe get yourself a plant baby!

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8. Venus In Vines

Venus In Vines is an Instagram account run by Nicole Defoe. She offers plant arrangements made from thrifted cups and jars (don't worry they drill holes in the bottom for drainage). Seriously these are some of the cutest arrangements I have seen. They just offer that little bit of spice everyone needs.

Venus In Vines operates out of Charlotte, NC, but does product drops on her Instagram. Follow along and be on the lookout for new products!

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9. Sammijean Clay

Sammijean Clay is a small jewelry business started by Sammi, a recent graduate from St. Louis University. Sammi was able to get creative when we all had A LOT of time for it (ahem quarantine) and so SammiJean Clay was born right here in Nashville, TN!

Sammi just dropped her Spring collection and let me tell you they are to die for. Check out her Instagram for shop updates and check out her website below!

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10. Plant Savvy

plant savvy, houseplant consultant, interior plant designer,

What's life without a little shameless plug! This is my baby Plant Savvy!

Plant Savvy is an interior plant design and styling business based out of Nashville, TN. I offer houseplant services including plant consultations, maintenance and repotting, and full plant installations to residential homes and businesses.

Check out my website below or follow along on Instagram!

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I hope this list gives you some more small businesses to support. I know I am always looking for new businesses to give my money to (lol).

Happy Planting!


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