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The Plant Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Houseplants are in the spotlight more than ever right now. This is probably because most of us are spending more time at home. Houseplants make people happy and also bring along a bunch of benefits. From purifying the air to helping you feel relaxed and calm, houseplants got it going on.

This spike in plant interest has brought a huge influx of beginner plant parents. People are or did discover their "green thumbs" this past year. We are probably going to see a lot of trends that coincide with this new factor.

So let's get into some houseplant trends that we are probably going to see in 2021 (or maybe even try ourselves).

There's A New Ficus In Town

As much as I hate to say it, the fiddle leaf fig AKA ficus lyrata is so last year (I still love mine so much so take this as a grain of salt). A lot of experts think the fiddle leaf fig will be replaced by another ficus, ficus altissima. This plant still makes a statement but leaves (pun intended) out the finicky care requirements that come with a fiddle leaf fig.

We're Going Small

Photo by Maud Bocquillod

Miniature plants are going to be all the rave. Sometimes you just don't have a lot of space in your urban jungle. That's where mini plants come in. Look out for air plants and miniature terrarium plants.

Editable Gardens...Yum!

My Cherry Tomato Plant From Summer 2020

I don't know about you, but since 2020 I have really wanted to get into growing my own food...you know just in case there's a big pandemic or something. This was trending last year with everyone spending more time at home and wanting to pass the time. Experts don't see a decrease in this trend happening anytime soon.

The Weirder The Better

Photo by Croctus

The more interesting a plant looks the better. We are going to see many weird leaves and plants become trendy this year. One of these is the fishbone cactus. It's unique and different. When you have everyone and their mom getting into plants, a lot of people are going to want to get ones that really catch someone's eye.


With the increase of new plant parents in 2020, experts predict these plant parents are going to start to experiment in propagation. When I first started my plant journey in 2015 I did the same exact thing. As soon as I got comfortable with my plants, I started propagating. New plant parents are going to get used to their plants and then want to experiment with the art of propagation.

Urban Jungle Without The Hassle

We all want an urban jungle until you realize how much work goes into it. So design experts are predicting an urban jungle feel without the hassle. That means bigger leaves with a smaller pot. Take the Alocasia Polly. A plant equipped with lush, "jungle vibes" leaves that can grow in a relatively small pot. This plant's leaves grow pretty big, giving off the effect of a larger plant. Don't work harder...work smarter ;).

Textures, Patterns, and Leaves...Oh My!

Photo by Severin Candrian

Textured, patterned, and velvety foliage has always been the rave among plant parents, but it will be even more so in 2021. Houseplants like philodendron verrucosum (featured in the photo), Anthurium hookeri, Anthurium crystallinum, and Alocasias varieties such as Black Velvet, Polly, Regal Shield, and Frydek are going to be all the rave. These plant varieties are pretty much readily available, but get them while they are hot because soon the prices are most likely going to go up.

Remember that this is your plant journey. If you want to try that new trend then do it. If you don't, then that's alright with me. Do what makes you and your plants happy!

As always happy planting!


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