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Nashville's Houseplant Stylist

Plant Savvy started to make plant life easier and more attainable. We believe that every home or business should feel the life that houseplants bring to us. Through personalized consultations, full houseplant installs, regular maintenance, and more Plant Savvy aims to do just that. 

Whether you are residential or commercial, Plant Savvy is here to make your plant dreams come to life! 


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Plant Consultation

Do you want houseplants, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you need help with your current plants? Plant Savvy will meet with you for a 30 or 60-minute session to assess your space, make plant recommendations, help with your current plants, and more. This service is available in-person or virtually based on your needs.


Maintenance &


Need consistent indoor plant care? Reach out to receive a personalized quote after an initial consultation. Plant Savvy will handle your plant care from fertilizing to repotting and everything in between.

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Plant Savvy will assess and help understand your current space, map out the best plant strategy, shop, and style for you. This feature is perfect for any person or brand who has space and wants houseplants but needs a little help choosing what works best!


"Plant Savvy rescued my giant deck from the pit it was becoming, into a jungle-wonderland that’s perfect for me and my friends! I’m so thankful for the help and attention she gave to choosing the plants and how hands-on she was at setting it all up. I felt both in control and relaxed through the entire process - There wasn’t one step I felt left out in. I could tell she really cared about giving me the experience and look I wanted. I will without a doubt use her services again. 10/10!"

- Zayne M.

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"Savannah was so great to work with! She was especially good at going through our initial thoughts and really understanding the look and feel we were going for in our office. She was an absolute pro at staying within our budget and was really good about communicating every step of the way. Installation was a breeze and she styled everything really well. I would definitely recommend working with her!"

- Venue Group

"Working with Plant Savvy was a delight! As someone living in a one-bedroom apartment, my space is limited and I like to make the most out of every foot and that’s exactly what she did. Before we connected to shop, she sent over a detailed plan that was tailored to my preferences, location, and cardinal direction relative to the sun. She offered me many options that all met my specifications so I had a good idea of what I wanted to get before we even got to the plant nursery. She came with all of the tools needed to make repotting a mess-free breeze and explained what each plant needed to thrive. My balcony is now a colorful jungle sanctuary! Going into plant shops can be intimidating, having someone with the knowledge of everything there gave me confidence that I wouldn’t waste my money on plants that would be successful in my space. I’ve also reached out to her since to ask questions about their care and she quickly replied with everything I needed to know. Savannah is communicative, knowledgeable as well as great company - I will certainly be using her services from here on out!"

- Becca W.