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About Plant Savvy

Hi! My name is Savannah. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, and decided to move to Nashville, TN to go to college. From a young age, I have been surrounded by houseplants and gardens through my grandma and mom. Ultimately, when I moved out my plant obsession or fascination was truly born.

I am a true enthusiast and lover of all things green and growing! I started my plant passion back in 2015 with the purchase of a humble Philodendron and have grown my collection to over 100 houseplants and foliage.


I created a little jungle in my Nashville apartment that I cherish and am adding to every day. I started Plant Savvy in 2020 to encourage others to find their green thumb while also providing a space to journal about all things green, growing, and great. Plant Savvy has since grown from a simple blog to a full-blown business.

Plant Savvy is constantly blossoming and growing in the plant community and will always encourage you to do the same. Whatever that entails for you.