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About Plant Savvy

Burnt out and unfulfilled by her nine-to-five, Savannah traded the corporate world to venture on her own and establish the passion-based business, Plant Savvy.


In May of 2021, Plant Savvy was founded amidst the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to build sturdy roots out of humble beginnings. The Nashville-based business’ mission is to provide insightful plant care content, aid in plant installation, and perform effective consultation and maintenance-based appointments.


Plant Savvy believes that everyone can achieve their plant visions affordably and creatively at whatever level they wish. From filming viral TikTok videos, to crossing state-lines for hefty plant installations, to partnering with top brands, Plant Savvy continues to prove it’s dedication to expanding its reach and knowledge in many sectors.


Since its beginning based on sharing a passion and love for plants, Plant Savvy continues to stretch its reach to a global level, share knowledge on various platforms, and strive to streamline what it takes for anyone to accomplish their plant dream